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Photastic! Best pho broth that we've had in Houston! Haven't tried them all but working on it!
-Luke I.


Very delicious 🍜 bowl of pho 😋. Very clean restaurant. My new favorite place for soup in the area.
-Doria R.


One of my favorite pho places in Houston, come over every week!
-Chhi Hua Chi

Pho Binh Roots & Culture

Pho Binh Roots & Culture

Today Pho Binh has grown up to 7 Vietnamese restaurants in the Houston area to cater to both Vietnamese and local American families. We are proud of being voted one of the best pho in Houston.

Pho, a traditional Vietnamese dish, has been around for decades. Originating from North Vietnam in Hanoi, its popularity soon spread to all corners of Vietnam. Today more than 17 different varieties of Pho can be found throughout the country. Pho soup can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner; it is customary for some families to eat Pho at least 3 times per week.

Here in America, Pho has become a very popular dish among American communities. Most Pho restaurants are single family-owned establishments, each with its own taste and flavors that cater to different preferences among Vietnamese families. Pho Binh was also started as a single family owned restaurant, but our name quickly became popular with the Vietnamese in Houston’s community because of our authentic ‘Pho Bac’ taste that many critics agreed came close to the original Pho that began in Hanoi, North Vietnam.

Here at Pho Binh, we are committed to serving our customers healthy and tasty pho soup, fresh meats and produce, with friendly service.

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